Olushegun Olagundoye’s sexual assault lawsuit – Bombshell audio, medical records may validate battery allegations


In the tape, Olagundoye often bragged that “I’m a millionaire here in America” and at some point said, “If I put my thing inside you, that’s special to me, that is valuable.”

Latest filed documents recovered from the Harris County District Clerk (Cause No. 2016-33668 – EZENAGU, NKEOMA BRENDA vs. OLAGUNDOYE, OLUSHEGUN B -Court 151) revealed two major bombshell exhibits that might validate allegations of sexual assault and battery made by a former employee, Ezenagu, Nkeoma Brenda against his former employer, Olushegun Olagundoye, owner or President of Kinghaven Counseling Group.  Olagundoye is being sued by Ezenagu for sexual assault, and battery – an allegation he totally denies in several responses.

But latest developments revealed a 56-page document titled “Plaintiff’s Medical Record and Recording Submitted by Defendants in Discovery” revealing as exhibits, both a bombshell recorded lengthy phone conversation involving   Olagundoye and presumably one of a  mistress, and a detailed medical record of his accuser.


In the tape, Olagundoye often bragged that “I’m a millionaire here in America” and at some point said, “If I put my thing inside you, that’s special to me, that is valuable.” According to the documents, the recording referenced eight paragraphs (48 to 56) in the Amended Petition of the plaintiff.

To listen to the tape recording, click the below icon. The tape/transcripts  contains very obscene remarks, and readers’ discretion is highly advised.


The unedited full tests of the paragraphs involving the recorded message in the amended are as follows:


CAUSE NO. 2016-33668 (Chris Daniel – District Clerk Harris County)

  1. Additionally, in Olagundoye’s quest or attempt to show that he did not rape the Plaintiff, Olagundoye’s attorneys, Patrick Chukelu and Sean Greenwood submitted to the Plaintiff’s counsel, a recording of Olagundoye’s conversation with a married woman, with whom Olagundoye had an affair. She is one of the Plaintiff’s sisters. The affair seemed to be in respite at the time of the recording, which was shortly after Plaintiff’s separation from Kinghaven, and after Olagundoye had received Plaintiff’s resignation letter, described above.
  2. The recording submitted by Olagundoye’s attorneys, Patrick Chukelu and Sean Greenwood reveals that Olagundoye contacted the married woman, (hereinafter called “Woman”) and asked her to see him. She did. They both sat in Olagundoye’s car during the over one hour conversation recording3.
  3. Around the beginning of their conversation, Olagundoye asked Woman whether Plaintiff truly had a degree in accounting. When Woman answered in the affirmative, Defendant stated “Are you sure?” Woman again responded in the affirmative. Olagundoye told Woman that Plaintiff did not know about accounting or mathematics or anything and that she no longer worked at Kinghaven. He went further to tell Woman that “I don’t mess with my staff” and that Woman could not work for him because they were in a relationship; that Plaintiff “tried all kind of stuff” to go out with him but that he rebuffed all of Plaintiff’s sexual advances.
  4. Additionally, in the recording, Olagundoye told Woman that Plaintiff “lies a lot, everybody in the company knows she’s a liar, she chases men.” Woman responded, “I honestly don’t know about that part of her.” Olagundoye responded “YOU DO, YOU DO, TRUST ME I KNOW YOU DO, YOU DO, YOU DO.” Olagundoye proceeded multiple times to say Plaintiff “lies a lot,” that Plaintiff “lies about your family”; “she sleeps around and she admitted it”; that Plaintiff once asked him to be with both Plaintiff and Woman; that Plaintiff told him she dated white men and liked sex with white men. Olagundoye made these and other derogatory comments about Plaintiff in the recording. Woman repeated that she did not know that part of her sister, the Plaintiff. Olagundoye again responded “YOU DO, YOU DO.” He then told Woman not to divulge their discussion to Plaintiff. Olagundoye also told Woman that Kinghaven had wanted to fire Plaintiff a long time ago but that he did not allow it.
  5. Moreover, the recording Olagundoye’s lawyers forwarded to Plaintiff’s counsel revealed that Olagundoye wanted to recrudesce the relationship but Woman resisted. Woman told Olagundoye that their affair was a mistake she made and that she would “never do it again.” Olagundoye responded inter alia that: “if I put my thing inside you, that’s special to me, that is valuable.” The Woman resisted again and Olagundoye told her that she was at poverty level; that he “could do significant things” for her. The Woman persisted in resisting Olagundoye’s advances; Olagundoye went further to say “I’ll take care of you, and take care of all your needs.” The Woman responded “I don’t need it.” Olagundoye said “you have kids and they are your responsibilities. Don’t be stupid.”
  6. In the same recording, the Woman told Olagundoye she regretted what she had with him and that for a long time she could not sing in church as she felt that she had betrayed herself. Olagundoye called her name 3 times and said he would take care of her and there is opportunity for her; that he enjoyed being with her and that he “enjoyed her moves.” Once again the Woman continued to resist Olagundoye’s advances; and he responded “Look at you, you’re so pretty.” He went on to promise to set aside funds for her and that “anything you need I’ll take care of it. I say I want to buy you a car.”
  7. Similarly in the same recording when Woman resisted Olagundoye’s advances for the 20th (twentieth) time within the one hour period, Olagundoye told her again that he would take care of her, bragging that “I’m a millionaire here in America.” The Woman got tired of Olagundoye’s importuning her and said “I have a husband.” Loudly, Olagundoye responded “yes you have a husband but you cannot live at poverty level.”
  8. In fact on twenty-four different occasions in the recording, the Woman gave one reason or the other why the relationship should not continue and that she did not need the relationship. Olagundoye persisted and said “I’d never cared about any woman the way I cared about you. I know you gave me something special.” He went on to say that God told him that Woman was his responsibility, and that he was going to take care of her4.
  9. Outside of that, the recording revealed that, while he was having an affair with Woman, Olagundoye also took Woman’s best friend, CH, another married woman to a Guest House, which appeared to be where Olagundoye and Woman spent time together. Unbeknownst to Olagundoye, Woman drove behind them when he took CH to the Guest House and Woman found out enough to believe Olagundoye slept with CH. When Woman inquired about the subject, Olagundoye denied ever having an affair with CH; told Woman that CH borrowed $1,500.00 from him to purchase a car; and that he issued the check directly to the car dealership. When Woman began to talk about Olagundoye’s wife, he insisted that it was his sister. Woman asked to see the pictures in his wallet; Olagundoye responded “I don’t carry pictures.”


To listen to the entire tape recording, click the below icon. WARNING: The tape contained very obscene remarks, and readers’ discretion is highly advised.


♦ Editor’s note: For detailed information, including all motions, responses, and exhibits regarding this case, please visit Chris Daniel – District Clerk Harris County and search with Nkeoma Brenda Ezenagu vs. Olushegun B. Olagundoye (CAUSE NO. 2016-33668).



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  1. I use to work at kinghaven and Shegun was kinda sick… hes actually so lustful you’ll forget that he has a wife. if only he was like his son, mature and professional.

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