Buhari vs. Aisha: War in Aso Rock as the First Lady gets a much younger rival

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There is a mystery first lady in Nigeria, widening the existing gap between President Muhammadu Buhari and the official First Lady, Aisha. The “Young Igbo Girl” as Buhari’s close confidants would call her had often visited the President from Canada where she lived as a spy-agent, until she was finally relocated to Abuja to be close to him. Since her arrival, the First lady, Aisha has been kept away from the President, with excuses about his deteriorating health, it was gathered.

The Mystery First Lady, accusable identified as Buhari’s mistress is a curvaceous light skinned journalist based in Canada. Looking chic in her late 30s, she was brought back to Nigeria and lodged in an exquisite suite on the third level of an Abuja five star hotel. “She spend most times with the President, and helps him with media stuff” confided an informant. It was also gathered that this mystery lady operates and heads a team that helps President Buhari to identify bloggers and activists bitterly opposed to his regime. A major victim of this operation is Nnamdi Kanu who was arrested on October 18, 2015, in Lagos State by Nigeria’s secret police the Department of State Services (DSS).

Aisha Buhari has since been sidelined on activities of Aso Rock, but staffers loyal to her are not taking it likely. “Why would the wife of the President need a protocol to see her husband? I totally disagree with this nonsense, and if they want fire, we will give them fire” said one of Aisha’s Aso Rock informant who vowed to leak to the media, the unfolding drama surrounding the presidency.  

One of President Buhari’s right-hand person, Alhaji Mamman Daura who is also his nephew, it was gathered, relocated to the presidential Villa permanently, directing most of the President’s protocol, and at some point, clashes with the First Lady over communicating personal matters about her husband. President Buhari’s assumed mystery significant other however has an uncontrolled access to the Villa and liaises with the him at will.

President Buhari’s secret brawl with Aisha got worse shortly before his last 2-weeks medical leave when Aisha was neither briefed not allowed to see him. “This is not right” complained a source. “I could not conceive the President going on a medical leave without any of his immediate family members – not even his wife. Aisha has always travelled with him in other medical trips, so why would it be different this time?”

President Buhari’s relationship with the Mystery First Lady remains one of his top secrets, but frustrated Villa employees loyal to Aisha have vowed a retaliation, threatening to leak embarrassing materials to the social media. As for the Mystery First Lady, “We know where she is – the hotel, the floor, and the room. I know that they would likely move her if this information gets to the media, but we have more than her location,” an anonymous angry Villa employee threatened.


7 Comments on Buhari vs. Aisha: War in Aso Rock as the First Lady gets a much younger rival

  1. Leave mr President alone. In the Muslim sect, the man is allowed many wives so, what the hell is this going to amount to?

  2. Thos report is rubbish. Its is full of conjectures and too many unconfirmed and unconfirmable reports. If you arw serious fice us names.

    • Thank you bro! Whenever you hear terms like “unconfirmed sources” or “reliable sources” or “our unnamed informant”, just regard such an article pure gossip,or simply a figment of the imagination of the writer.


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