Pitiless ICE Agents run amok in brutal deportation showdown

  • Nigerian immigrant moaned and cried as he was restrained in a home-bound flight.

  • Brutal take-down of a Somali immigrant while his wife watched and cried.”

  • ICE busts car window to arrest undocumented immigrant

  • Immigrant father arrested by ICE outside Austin child custody hearing

International Guardian, Houston TX – Ongoing raids by the agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is getting excessively brutal. Images and videos of ruthless apprehension and arrests of suspected undocumented immigrants are circulating all over the social media, leaving the world with a clear impression of what America currently looks like.

On July 12, President Donald Trump announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would begin raids that would target roughly 2,000 immigrants at specific areas. This raid was billed for Sunday, July 14. On July 15, Trump boasted that the operation had been “very successful,” adding that “many, many were taken out.”

But this raid was not just a weekend affair. ICE Agents had since beefed up their deportation process in the most cold-blooded manner; tearing families, bursting into homes, smashing car windows, and brutally tackling suspects on the streets.

In a one of the videos that is being shared worldwide, a Nigerian man moaned and cried as he was restrained in an airplane. He cried and struggled with ICE agents. Another video witnessed a street brutal apprehension of a suspected undocumented immigrant, with an inscription: “American government trying to arrest a Somali immigrant but succeeded in killing him before his wife.”

In another incident captured in a widely viewed video, a man was arrested by ICE in Kansas City and deported right away to Mexico. The arrest, captured in a widely viewed video taken by his girlfriend. The video drew attention from activists and elected officials who questioned the actions of the ICE agents and the involvement of local Kansas City police.

There were other videos that left observer shocked about ICEs’ latest showdown. For instance, two days ago, ICE busted a car window to arrest an undocumented immigrant, Florencio Millan-Vazquez who refused to leave the car without seeing an arrest warrant. He was deported to Mexico on July 24.

The process got worse when ICE agents arrested an undocumented immigrant-father outside an Austin child custody hearing. In Tennessee however, the story lines read differently as neighborhood residents in Hermitage formed a ‘human chain’ around man after ICE tried to arrest him.

Furthermore, on Thursday, the National Public Radio reported how Francisco Erwin Galicia, a U.S. citizen, was picked up by Border Patrol officers, processed into detention and held for 26 days. “It nearly broke him,” Galicia’s lawyer, Claudia Galan told NPR. “He said the conditions were horrible, and inhumane. And he was about to sign a deportation order … even though he was born here.”

Galicia, 18, was in a van with his brother Marlon and three other high school friends on June 27. They were on their way to Houston for a recruitment event when they were stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Falfurrias, Texas — about 50 miles from home and within the corridor of the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector.

These raids could only get worse. For instance, a sweeping expansion of deportation powers unveiled this week by the Trump administration is expected to intensify the ongoing ICE takedown. To make it worse, uncertainty about how the policy might play out has created confusion and made it harder to give clear guidance to immigrants. The new rules will allow immigration officers nationwide to deport anyone who has been here illegally for less than two years. Currently, authorities can only exercise such powers within 100 miles (161 kilometers) of the border and only target people who have been here less than two weeks.

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