Nigeria 2019 – “USA FOR ATIKU” Flags off Diaspora Presidential Campaign

ATIKU.. Currently, he has been scheduled to speak about the Nigeria’s economy at London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).

Group representing a former Nigeria’s Vice President flags off his Presidential Campaign in US

Guardian News, Houston, TX – The campaign of Turakin Adamawa, a former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who recently announced his 2019 presidential ambition on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is gaining a global momentum. A group of Nigerian businesspersons and community leaders in the United States, the “USA for Atiku Campaign” has announced a flag-off of grassroots support for Chief Atiku’s candidacy.

“Houston is the capital – and if it does not start here, it would not happen” said Victor Chibuzor, one of the group’s founders who spoke to our reporters. USA for Atiku plans an initial inauguration in five major cities where Nigerians are highly populated. “Besides Houston, a strong presence in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta would surely create the needed podium to influence the voting population home” said Chief Emeka Offor, another founding member, who was involved many Diaspora political organizations during the past regime of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

The current deplorable events in Nigeria may have energized a massive call to challenge the incumbent. Late last year for instance, a group of young professionals in Nigeria, called Concerned Citizens for Atiku (CCA) called on the former Vice President to declare for this position.

Chief Chris Igwuilo, another founding member of Atiku’s group in the United States, said “we cannot just sit down here and watch our country go down. We must do all we could to effect a change for a better government. Chief Igwuilo who was also involved with many Diaspora’s groups, especially during the last regime called on Nigerians abroad to join a decisive move to remove what he called “a redundant current regime.”

Currently, Atiku has been systematically positioning himself to face the incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari. He has been making profile-raising visits and issuing policy statements to recharge his campaign brand. For instance, he has been scheduled to speak about the Nigeria’s economy at London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). This event has been scheduled for April 25, 2018. According to a statement from his camp, the keynote speech entitled “The Importance of Strengthening State Economic Management Systems,” will unveil innovative and tangible solutions that, “once implemented, will help Nigerian states come out from their current economic challenges and help get Nigeria working again.”

Atiku is not new to Nigeria’s political arena. In 2007, he unsuccessfully ran for the presidency under a defunct Action Congress (AC). Similarly, in 2011, he lost to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan. “This time around, he stands a better chance” noted Okey Onwudiwe of USA for Atiku Campaign. According to Onwudiwe who is also among the founding members, “Events of today in Nigeria has proved Atiku right – that the country needs him. If you look at Nigeria and how President Buhari has failed us, supporting the Atiku presidency becomes a major task for every Nigerian” he said.

Details of USA for Atiku Campaign will be released accordingly. Kenny Governor, a founding member told International Guardian that strategies are being organized for a summer launching. “As we speak, we have scheduled numerous planning and strategy meetings to coordinate this cause, and we ask every Nigerian to join us” he said.

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