“Judy and Lily will save you money” – Neighborhood Metro PCS authorized dealers flaunt plan and service trends

Judy (left) and Lily, owners of the business, Amazing Wireless on Bellaire, Houston are T-Mobil – Metro PCS authorize dealers.

Popularly known as Judy and Lily in the Southwest vicinity of Houston where they operate the phone business, Amazing Wireless, this pair has penetrated the neighborhood with T-Mobil PCS products and services. They are authorize dealers of Metro PCS. Their strategies were simply a combination of up-to-date products, flexible plans, and affordable prices.

Their campaign mantra “Lili and Judy will save you money” may have also contributed to the success of their current sales bonanza. For instance, Amazing Wireless has been named many times, “Metro PCSs No. 1 Authorize Dealers.”

MetroPCS remains a popular prepaid carrier, as well as a subsidiary of T-Mobile, but it also relies on T-Mobile’s extensive network to provide high-speed internet access and unlimited calls and texts to consumers. The platform offers a great selection of smartphones, along with MetroPCS deals, ranging from the ultra-affordable to the latest flagships, including allowing customers the choice of bringing their own device.

According to Lily, “we have all kinds of deal that kept customers visiting. For example, if a customer switches number to MetroPCS, he or she will be eligible for a free phone as long as he or she gets an unlimited data plan. And also, there are great options that are available with this deal such as Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, the LG Stylo 3, the LG K20, and a whole lot more.
Judy, the partner in the Amazing Wireless said they had focused on targeted marketing, identifying the customers’ needs and their phone and service preferences. Judy says her long term connectivity with business, politics, and community affairs helped her to coordinate effective strategies for reaching out to the population.”We don’t just sit down and sell phone and services, we go out to the community and deliver services to them” Judy said.

According to Judy, “Currently, we have a plan that includes unlimited data on MetroPCS for just $25 per month per line for four lines. At $100, with mobile optimized video streaming (at 480p), gaming, and music, on top of unlimited data, calls, and texts. Those who need fewer lines can get 3 lines at $30 per line per month and 2 lines at $40 per line per month.”

Smart phone business is getting more interesting. Consumers now realize that they are likely to be paying too much remaining on the same plan for much longer – and companies on the other hand are loosening their service conditions. According to Lily, “Well consumers are witnessing an  end to this style of long-term expensive contracts with a mobile phone provider, because we have basically erased that complex process. We just ask them to  bring their wallets so we could  save them some money while they walk out with both the best phones and the best deals.”

Amazing Wireless is on 9600 Bellaire Blvd, Ste132, and Houston, TX 77036. To reach Judy or Lili for thje latest deals and plans, please call 832-266-8368

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