2nd Global Conference by The World Association for Academic Doctors centers on Education and Leadership 


Karen Ivy, PhD, an Associate Dean, in the Forbes School of Business & Technology,  Ashford University took the podium as the day one keynote speaker to open the 2nd Global Conference jointly hosted by The World Association for Academic Doctors and Ashford University Center for Excellence Teaching and Learning (CETL) which commenced June 19 through 20, 2018.  The conference theme, “Advancing Education & Leadership in the 21st,” attracted researchers from Brazil, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Ghana, and multiple states in the U.S.A. Dr. William Woods served as the conference Chairperson.


Founded by Dr. Henrietta Okoro, WAAD is a worldwide association of academic doctors driving excellent initiatives to reality for a better World through cooperation, collaboration, and communication of diverse intellectuals and professionals across the globe.


Dr. Okoro said the conference was the first opportunity for the World Association to connect members and attendees in a conference setting through the use of virtual technologies. According to Dr. Okoro, “Participants were able to use Zoom Meeting Technologies to give their presentations effectively. Through the use of Zoom Meeting Technologies, the World Association was able to bridge time and distance and at significant cost savings for all attendees.” The June 2018 virtual conference was the organization’s second global annual conference.

The conference according to most participants was a learning and sharing experience. For instance, researchers worldwide presented complex issues and strategies through data-driven results of leadership, business, and education.  Dr. William Woods opened the conference with introductions of Dr. Henrietta Okoro who spoke of sustainability.  Dr. Karen Ivy, the keynote speaker for day one, spoke about VUCA (Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility) and building a consensus and commitment to inspire others toward a challenging future vision that builds upon diverse persons and openness.  Guest speaker Dr. Cavin Noble contributed to research on data driving profits through cybersecurity.  Guest speaker Dr. Carlos Aquino spoke of diversity inclusion in higher institutions and the drive to attain excellence among diverse age generations with a focus on scholarship.  Dr. Henrietta Okoro followed Dr. Aquino with policy implementation and compliance strategies for combating cybercrime with an emphasis on effective communication strategies.  Dr. Vianna and Dr. Young focused on the positive ecological influencers that advance Brazilian students’ development of the English language.  Dr. Stella discussed the impact of dietary acculturation on obesity in adult African immigrants living in the United States.


Dr. Raj Singh, the keynote speaker for day two, spoke of multicultural education and challenges in the 21st century.  Cross-cultural learning was identified as a cornerstone to strengthening diversity and eliminating barriers among cultures.  Guest speaker, Dr. Darrell Burrell, identified strategies for professional development and career planning, essential for continued growth among educators and business leaders. Dr. Afrah Hamin and Dr. Liz Young presented on Leadership Traits Modeled by Women of Diversity Charter School Principals. Dr. Ogechi Joy Azubuike discussed Mentoring & Teacher Education in Nigeria. Dr. Udeze, Chinenye Viola, and Dr. Perpetua C. Ifegbo presented research on Advancing Teachers’ Instructional Methodology.


Dr. Ajileye Ijeoma C. and Dr. Ndidiamaka R. Uwazurike presented research that focused on Teachers’ Perception of Problems for Inclusion of Students with Autism in Regular Secondary Schools in Imo State.  Dr. Ijeoma Anyakoha gave an effective presentation concerning Cultural Practice and Maternal Mortality in Nigeria: Implications for National Development. A World Association Member, Dr. Abiodun Adeleke, made the final presentation. The focus of his presentation was on the Security Clearance dilemma and Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals in the United States of America.


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